All you need to know about SMITE!

March 5th, 2014 SMITE is a newer entrant into the free to play MOBA category. The game went through an extensive beta and has just recently been released in 2014. SMITE takes the MOBA category in a slightly different direction by introducing a new camera angle. Instead of the typical top down or 3/4 view you are in more of a third-person combat view. With that new angle SMITE requires more skill-based combat and resembles more of a PvP MMO than a straight up MOBA. Players can take part in session-based arena combat in several different game modes that are unique to SMITE. SMITE features mythical gods from multiple cultures across history instead of, umm, how do I say this, made up heroes? Throughout your games you will earn Favor points which can be used along with Gems (which cost real world money) to buy new gods and goddesses. Each God has a unique playstyle and only four abilities, which makes it easy to pick up and play.

Game Information

Publisher - Hi-Rez Studios

Developer - Hi-Rez Studios

Rating - 4.5 (of 10)

Distribution - Download

Graphics - High

Free to Play - Yes

Download Size ~ 2.6GB

Game Statistics

Gods - 52

Free Gods - 5 (rotates)

Skins - Paid

Maps - 5

Modes - 5


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