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Tactical Turn-Based MOBA: Arena of Heroes Enters Open Beta

Thursday June 20th, 2013

Today Sneaky Games announced that their tactical turn-based MOBA is heading for open beta. Arena of Heroes takes a different approach to the MOBA genre by slowing things down and taking things turn-based. with an obvious slower gameplay, the game has a much smaller combat zone and will focus much more on pure strategy, rather than brute strength to take out the enemy's base.

It is unclear whether or not fans of the typical MOBA genre will take a liking to a turn based style. Many MOBA fans prefer this genre because of the fast paced battles andt he intense, heart-pounding excitement we get from great 5v5 battles. It's interesting to see how Arena of Heroes plays out, but you can be sure to keep up with Free MOBA Games for all the latest news about the game.

Creative Assembly Reveals free to play MOBA Total War: Arena

Thursday March 28th, 2013

The studio that brought you the Total War franchise is at it again with their latest game. This time they are hoping to take on the MOBA scene with their newly announced game, Total War: Arena. The game will be a free-to-play online MOBA styled spin off featuring everything you know and love from the Total War series.

Total War: Arena will mix both RTS and MOBA styled gameplay, but other than that there is not much revealing information about the game as it was just announced. Keep up with Free MOBA Games for all the latest news about the game.

SmashMuck Champions Headed for Steam Beta at PAX East

Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Indie Developer Kiz Studios has just announced that their multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), SmashMuck Champions, will be entering a Steam closed beta beginning on March 22nd. The closed beta is kicked off by the game's attendance at PAX East. Anyone attending PAX East can stop by Kiz's booth (#508) to play the SmashMuck demo and receive beta keys and swag!

For more information about SmashMuck Champions visit our SmashMuck page and visit Kiz Studios homepage.

Guardians of Middle Earth adds Survival Mode and new map

Wednesday February 27th, 2013

The Lord of the Rings based MOBA Game, Guardians of Middle Earth, is adding a new play mode along with a new map with today's DLC release. The Survival mode is playable with one to five players and is setting in the incredible Glittering Caves. The new mode throws waves of enemies at the players, which include larger more powerful bosses. The players will ned to use defence towers and their skill to win the match.

New challenges are unlocked via completion of various milestones and Monolith Games has also included a brand new Goblin-town map skin in their latest update to the game. For more information on Guardians of Middle Earth visit our page. Guardians of Middle Earth.

Gameloft's MOBA Game, Heroes of Order and Chaos, gets updated with new hero and more

Friday February 22nd, 2013

Gameloft, creator of the MMORPG Order and Chaos, has brought us a new update to their spin-off MOBA game Heroes of Order and Chaos. The update brings a new hero named Akartu the Savage Princess. The Savage Princess has an arctic look as well as two large claw weapons. Akartu is a fast hero, with swift fighting skills and the ability to attack the target twice, while negative the targets physical defense. The game also added new skins for several of its characters as well as some performance and bug fixes along with improved server stability and matchmaking.

For more information on Heroes of Order and Chaos visit their website.

Sony announces free-to-play redneck MOBA, Deathmatch Village

Tuesday February 19th, 2013

Indie developer Bloober Team has announced on the official Playstation Blog that they are creating a new red-neck themed MOBA which will be available to play with crossplatform functionality on the Vita. The game will feature three-on-three arcade action with dozens of weapons, items and skills. Deathmatch Village will also have customisable characters, interactive arenas and a trusty donkey.

The closed beat for Deathmatch Village will be held soon and interested parties should email the team at

Ironclad Games aims to shake up MOBA genre with Sins of a Dark Age

Friday February 8th, 2013

Sins of a Dark Age is currently in a limited closed beta, but that doesn't mean that developer Ironclad Games isn't spilling the beans about their latest entrant into the highly contested MOBA market. What will make Sins stand out from the pack? Two key gameplay features, the "living world umbrella": the Realm Quest System, and their take on the day/night cycle.

Realm Quests are a key new feature that players will have to deal with. These can be activated during a match which is designed to provide additional risks which players and teams can pursue which will lead to them gaining a reward advantage or for use against the enemy team. The developer hopes that this will cause players to move away from static, predefined hero allocations and using different methods to take on the game.

The Developers also are expecting to change the day/night cycle that we can see in games like Dota 2. Few details are out about this but we can expect some more news to come out soon as Sins of a Dark Age gets more time under its beta belt.

More information on Sins of a Dark Age.

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