Smashmuck Champions

SmashMuck Champions is a free online arena game that seperates itself from many in the MOBA genre by offering a bit of a twist on traditional gameplay modes and settings. But you could probably tell that just by looking at the title and any media released by Kiz Studios. The game features four different games types: Plunder Ball, Siege, Conquest, and Destroyer, along with interactive environments to bring even the most hardened MOBA players over to check the game out. The best part about the interactive environment is that there are a variety of strategies that can be used at any one time to defeat the enemy. The characters in SmashMuck Champions are far from typical, they have dinosaurs, robots, dragons, blobs and lots of others that I can’t really put my finger on. SmashMuck Champions is currently in Open Development which means you have a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at an independent game studio in action while they create this awesome new MOBA.

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