Awakening of Heroes

Awakening of Heroes is a brand new MOBA game in development by a Serbian game studio called COFA Games. The gist of AoH is that players will play as a bunch of ‘ordinary folks’ which are destined to become the heroes they always thought they were inside, and to be remembered forever. The ordinary type people that become the heroes in this game come in all shapes and forms. A big fat oaf of a butcher, your grandma, the prankster kid from down the street and a local hipster, are all involved in the fun.

The game, along with your standard MOBA features, will have the ability to build a city to increase your hero’s abilities and join clans to increase your chances to survive. These added elements add a little something new to a genre that has become stale with copycats and clones of LoL and Dota 2. Awakening of Heroes has won several Indie Game Awards in 2014 and is a very promising MOBA game that we have our eyes on in 2015.

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