MOBA Games for iPhone / iOS device / iPad

Players of MOBA Games are addicted to the intense real time strategy action of the MOBA genre. And when we’re on the road, or waiting in line somewhere, we want to be able to feel that rush the same way as we do when we’re sitting at home on our desktops. So that’s what this list is for, MOBA games that are playable on your iOS device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod. I will admit that it’s difficult to get that same feeling when playing on your phone, the sheer size of the real-estate just hinders what you’d get on your PC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some cool MOBA games that work on your iOS device. So here’s a great list of iPhone / iPad / iOS MOBA games that you can download and start playing today.

Heroes of Order and ChaosHeroes of Order and ChaosHeroes of Order and Chaos is an iOS MOBA type game available in Apple’s App Store. The game advertises itself as the App Store’s first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. In the game you will gather your teammates, strengthen your heroes, and wipe out the enemy base in some classic League of legends / Dota styled gameplay. As of this writing there are 30 unique heroes and one map that looks a lot like summoners rift.

Legendary HeroesLegendary Heroes¬†–¬†Here’s another iPhone MOBA styled game that has many MOBA elements, but definitely won’t keep you away from the PC versions. The game looks and plays like a League of Legends, but there is only a single player mode and they do try to push you to buy items constantly. Legendary Heroes is fun enough, and provides hours of entertainment via its campaign mode, but there are definitely some bugs and such that they need to fix before I make this a regular addition to my iPhone MOBA arsenal.

Solstice ArenaSolstice Arena – Solstice Arena was just announced by Zynga and they’ve been hard at work on this newest mobile arena MOBA game. The goal with Solstice Arena is to take the thrill of the MOBA game right to your mobile device. Solstice Arena will have action-packed hero vs. hero combat in a three on three map package, as well as offer a quicker gameplay, with matches lasting around 10 minutes, which is probably good for an iPhone MOBA. Heroes will progress as they level up and there is going to be a lot of customization going on. Stay tuned for more information on Solstice Arena, or visit their website for more!

Thanks for checking out our list of the MOBA games you can play on your iPhone / iOS device. If you come across a game that doesn’t work, or know of a game to add to our list, give us a quick e-mail from the contact button below!

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