MOBA Games for your Android powered device

You’re a MOBA fan, and that means you’re addicted to the fast paced-action of the MOBA genre. So much so that you don’t just want to play while you’re sitting at your desk, you want to play while you’re waiting for the bus, or during lunch. So that’s what this list is for, MOBA games that are playable on your mobile Android device, whether it’s your Android Phone or Android Tablet. I will be the first to admit that it’s pretty difficult to get that same feeling when playing on your phone, the sheer size of the real-estate just hinders what you’d get on your PC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some cool MOBA games that work on your Android device. So here’s a great list of Android powered MOBA games that you can download and start playing today. The links will take you to the Google Play store so you can read a bit more about the game and/or download right from there.

Heroes of Order and ChaosHeroes of Order and Chaos – Like your classic MOBA game, in Heroes of Order and Chaos you will team up with your friends, or complete strangers, and fight against the enemy in an arena-like map. The game offers 30 different and unique heroes, from hard knocking tanks to powerful spell bound wizards. You can fight in eitehr 3v3 or 5v5 maps, develop and upgrade your skills across different matches and develop unique strategies to overpower your enemy on your way to victory. Heroes of Order and chaos is about as close as you’ll get to that classic LoL or DOTA experience.

Legendary HeroesLegendary Heroes – Legendary Heroes is another free to play MOBA type game for your mobile Android device that may keep you busy when you can’t log in to the League. The game offers the real time strategy that you crave, along with intense action and unique heroes with their own special abilities and powers. Here’s the drawback though, it’s only single player, meaning you are teamed up with the A.I. for all your matches. We’re hoping they introduce multiplayer to the game, but as of yet there is no word on when that will take place.

Solstice ArenaSolstice Arena – Solstice Arena was just announced by Zynga and they’ve been hard at work on this newest mobile arena MOBA game. The goal with Solstice Arena is to take the thrill of the MOBA game right to your mobile device. Solstice Arena will have action-packed hero vs. hero combat in a three on three map package, as well as offer a quicker gameplay, with matches lasting around 10 minutes, which is probably good for an smaller screened Android MOBA. Heroes will progress as they level up and there is going to be a lot of customization going on. Stay tuned for more information on Solstice Arena, or visit their website.

Plants WarPlants War – And that leaves us with Plants War. Now this game is a little more ‘silly’ if you will. You must protect the last force on life on earth and take on the roll of Leafy and his friends to protect the Dryad Forest. All units are plant-like and like a MOBA game you will control your hero that gains special skills and upgrades as you guard the forest from invaders. The game offers some great 3D visuals, along with a neat soundtrack and intiutive touch controls. The game has garnered some really great reviews over at the Google Play Store, so i’d definitely give this one a try.

Thanks for checking out our list of the MOBA games for mobile Android devices. If you come across a game that doesn’t work, or know of a game to add to our list, give us a quick e-mail from the contact button below!

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