Fates Forever Items Guide

Fates Forever is a relatively new game, and with that, comes people not really knowing how to level up their characters and picking the right items.  This guide will give a quick glance at which items should be used with each character to help you in your journey through the game.  There’s nothing that will help you more than getting to know the items and just playing games to get a feel for how they help your character, but if you need  a quick-start to the game, hopefully this guide will help you a little bit.

Attack Damage Users

RENWIL, The Gluttonous Warthog

COTTONTAIL, The Bandit Hare

SKIPPARD, The Exiled Frog

MAY, The Radiant Lynx

VOLUNDER, The Blacksmith Rhino

BRUNO JOE, The Champion Pup

ARAME, The Swift Squirrel

Attack Weapons for Attack Damage Users

Ajax’s Decimator

Edge of the Vale

Some Sword
No pictures: Melnik Reaper, Radiant Piercer

Spell Power Users

LEE CHI, The Planting Panda

DIM, The Solar Mole

ELROC, The Angry Bard

MODO AND TAGO, The Stopping Snails

MONA, The Shockingly Slow Loris

KRU’EL, The Plague Crocodile

Magic Spell Power Items for Magic Users

Brilliant Slippers

Candle of the Lost Souls


Icy Manipulator

Some Wand/strong>

Amplifying Shell
No Pictures: Mage Regalia